IFG Wealth Management Forum, Phoenix – April 18-19, 2016
Created as an exclusive forum for top level executives to network and discover best practices, the IFG Wealth Management Forum is an invitation-only event, held for the CIOs, Managing Directors and CEOs of the country’s leading single and multi-family offices.
Topic: Protecting Your Business and Client Information in a Digital World.
It is almost impossible to read the news without seeing an item about yet another breach of personal or business information.  From the U.S. Government to small mom and pop air conditioning contractors, no one seems immune.  Almost all businesses that suffer a breach lose customers and for businesses where trust is a key part, that loss can be significant.  The session will address:

–          Addressing the SEC Risk Advisory to RIAs and other regulated entities
–          New York’s strategy to create a national cyber security regulatory standard
–          Securing communications with your clients, associates and vendors
–          Protecting your stored electronic information – it is a hacker’s dream come true

Committee CLE Presentation on Cyber Security, Denver – April 5, 2016
Title:  Post-Merger/Acquisition Data Breaches: Risks and Liabilities to Clients and Law Firms
Brief Description:  Over the past months there have been a number of mergers and acquisitions where data breaches occurred or were discovered after the transactions were concluded.   What do we know at theses early stages about the costs, and who will bear them?  Client?  Insurers?  Law Firms?   A presentation for MLMW Law of Denver.

Mortgage Compliance Conference, Salt Lake – March 8, 2016
      A private session for the members of the UMBA Operational and Compliance Forum; representing Academy Mortgage, Primary Residential Mortgage, Citywide Home Loans, Security National Mortgage, Veritas Funding, 1st Colony, and vendors like Mortgage Compliance Advisors and Praedo Institute.

California Mortgage Bankers Executive Forum – November 2015
Topic: An Executive’s Guide to Cyber Security

Colorado Mortgage Lenders Executive Forum – November 2015
     Topic: An Executive’s Guide to Cyber Security

IFG Wealth Management – October 2015
     Asset Allocation: Alternative Investment Strategies Driving Strong Portfolios. In a risk-ridden investment environment, wealth managers are keeping a wary eye on their asset allocations while striving to remain competitive. This panel discussion will examine the ever-evolving investment landscape and the necessary tactics in optimizing performance to create a portfolio that will provide optimal stability.

Topic: Did You Pay Too Much For That Asset? How cyber risk affects asset value.
There are many examples of companies having a financing event (investment, acquisition or merger) and after the event is complete a cyber security incident occurs, effecting the valuation of the investment, distracting management and derailing future plans.  Occasionally, usually by accident, the security incident occurs prior to the investment, at which point the investor can reconsider the deal and/or the pricing.  Cyber risk due diligence is no longer optional.  What you do and how you do it are your only options.



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